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 Being Yourself Takes Courage. 

“Your power is in your story and all the wisdom it has brought you.”
― Angela Mayah Solstice, The Courage to Change

Cynergie Style was founded by two sisters, Cyn Macgregor and Sharon Foley, one weekend over the Thanksgiving holiday. The idea started with Cyn showing Sharon some product samples she had made up adorned with her beautiful original artwork. The fabrics, construction, and colors were spectacular! That sparked a lively discussion about how best to share Cyn's art inspired ideas. At that point Cynergie Style was born with the intent to produce art-infused fashion and lifestyle products that are beautiful, useful, ethically-made, and cruelty-free. It would be "Art that goes where you go."
As sisters who are committed to a cruelty-free lifestyle and deeply concerned about the environment it was important to build our business in a way that supported these concerns. To that end, $1 from each sale is donated to The Ocean Cleanup project.

We can't do EVERYTHING but we certainly can do SOMETHING.

  • Our products are ethically made. This means we work with suppliers that pay fair wages, adhere to standard working hours, guarantee no child labor is allowed, and maintain a safe, clean working environment. 
  • We do not use any animal leather or raw materials sourced from animals, and our products are not tested on animals.
  • We primarily use eco-friendly fabrics and manufacturers.
  • We prioritize working with partners who are eco-minded, value processes that use less water, have intentions for zero-waste, incorporate fabric, paper, and plastic recycling programs, and who have OEKO-TEX ® and FSC certifications.

We believe it’s Cynergie Style's obligation and responsibility to be sincere, kind, do no harm, and helpful. Knowledge is power. When we keep customers aware of how we make our products we sleep better at night. And so will you. Each product listing has details about fabric, size, special print methods, and where it is manufactured.


Our website and social media channels are where we share updates about new collections, designs, team shout-outs, promotions, and more! We'd love to hear from you. Reach out or follow!

We are constantly on the search for materials and manufacturers that do good work and have products that we love. If you'd like to see a product we don't carry let us know! If you like a design but don't see a corresponding product, let us know! If you have a custom request, for your business, wedding or gift, let us know!

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