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Being Yourself Takes Courage

“Your power is in your story and all the wisdom it has brought you.”

― Angela Mayah Solstice, The Courage to Change 

We are sisters who are committed to a healthy, do no harm lifestyle and are deeply concerned about the health of our planet. When we started our business it was important to us to build our company in an honest and truthful way that supported our values and concerns. Our motto: We can't all do EVERYTHING but we all can do SOMETHING.  And so we did. We anxiously pressed send on our announcement email saying we were now open and online. That was March 11, 2020. Then on March 12 the WHO announced a global pandemic and everything turned upside down. During this time of COVID-19, shelter in place orders, and a ton of unknowns we had to ask ourselves how we were going to sustain our new business. We quickly realized that what the world really needed right now, more than a pretty handbag, was encouragement, inspiration, and a massive dose of healthy living. We saw the health crisis as our call to action. We both have been following a plant powered life for many, many years and have experienced first hand how our health and well-being made us happier and healthier. We felt our experience could be a valuable resource for others. So, as an agile and young company, we had the benefit of being able to pivot really quickly. So we did just that. And now our mission is to raise awareness, engage, and encourage a tribe to live a healthy, happier, plant powered lifestyle. Through personal stories, information, how-to journals, resources, and products -- we see you and support you! -- we are here to help wherever you are in your plant powered journey.

A bit more about our brand

Our core values are built around ethics, honesty, and giving back.


  1. Ethically-made - Our products are ethically made. This means we work with suppliers that pay fair wages, adhere to standard working hours, guarantee no child labor is allowed, and maintain a safe, clean working environment.
  2. Cruelty-free - We do not use any animal leather or raw materials sourced from animals, and our products are not tested on animals.
  3. Eco-thoughtful - We prioritize working with partners who are eco-minded, value processes that use less water, have intentions for zero-waste, incorporate fabric, paper, and plastic recycling programs, and who have OEKO-TEX ® and FSC certifications and meet Bluesign® criteria.


We are truth tellers. Even though the truth hurts sometimes, we believe it's better to know than not to know, despite the outcome. Our products are designed and created based on our criteria of ethics, better for the planet and you, and most important, if we wouldn't wear it or buy it, you shouldn't either. Our goal is to only sell products we actual use and love.


We are excited to support organizations that are in own backyard and play a part in strengthening our local community. We support The Produce Box, Visual Art Exchange, Honest Pint Theatre, and Pretend Radio. We give national too and a portion of our sales goes to the Animal Legal Defense Fund. We chose this organization because as two gals on a mission, there is only so much we can do. A more powerful organization with arms long enough to influence our country's laws for a more just humane world will put the pressure on the system and make change happen.


Our website and social media channels are where we share updates about new designs, inspiration and information for a plant powered lifestyle, team shout-outs, promotions, and more! We'd love to start a conversation! Reach out and follow!

General inquiries: hello@cynergiestyle.com

  • Returns: returns@cynergiestyle.com


  • We sincerely hope you like (love!) our mission and our products. Send feedback, stories of inspiration, and personal journeys anytime. We want to hear from you! With so much love, ( amore, gràdh, amor, liebe, люблю, 愛, amour, حب.,Pag-ibig, Kärlek, ความรัก ) 



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