Butterfly Tote - Lari – Cynergie Style

Butterfly Tote - Lari


We can't say enough about how amazing this bag is! This bag instantly transforms from a go-to-market tote into a picnic cloth or an extra scarf. The construction is based on an ancient Japanese solution called "furoshiki " and is designed to protect valuable goods with an eye toward simple living. Extremely versatile, lightweight, modern, and environmentally-friendly this bag will easily become your new bestie.

Pack this bag in your luggage and know it when you get to your destination it will look great and will be ready to go with amazing carrying power. The 18" faux-leather strap is long enough to wear over one shoulder or for heavier loads can crossbody. Trust us, this shapeshifting bag is so awesome you'll not want to leave home without it. Watch the videos below for How She Wears It and https://bit.ly/3cscBpSother ways to shape the bag.

• Fabric is 100% heavy matte crepe
• 18" faux-leather strap
• Heavy metal loops in gun-metal black
• Handmade, zero waste, ethically made
• Vivid print that will never fade even after washing
• Original artwork by award-winning artist Cyn Macgregor

• Machine or hand wash in cold water with non-toxic detergent, hang or gentle tumble to dry

Pro tip: Fold the square in half. Grab the left loose corner and slip into the left metal loop and pull tight. Do the same for the right loose corner. That's it. You're Beautiful and living a more 

Furoshiki: Using decorative fabric as a way to easily carry items or elegantly wrap gifts has been a part of Japanese art and culture since the 8th century. The term, which literally translates to “bath (furo) spread (shiki),” was first used in the Nara period (710–794) as a means to protect valuable goods. Furoshiki is an environmentally-conscious approach to simple living. 

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Butterfly Tote - Lari
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